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Three Ski Resorts Join Fight Against New Casino In Maine

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Ski resorts in Maine are used to being the top dog. They are the draw when it comes to tourism dollars and they plan on keeping things that way. Three of the biggest ski resorts are saying no to a new casino.

Sugarloaf USA, Saddleback, and Sunday River, have all now come out against a proposed casino in Western Maine. Their motives are simple. Keep all of the tourism money to themselves.

Of course, as is the case with most casino debates, the ski resorts are hiding behind some everyday claims when it comes to casino expansion. Casinos would take away from the family friendly atmosphere of a given area, in this case, it is Maine.

"Maine is known for its rugged outdoor image, uncompromised natural beauty, family-friendly environment and Yankee originality. There is a stark contrast between these atributes, for which Maine is known, and those associated with casino gambling," wrote Sunday River General Manager Dana Bullen in a memo to employees.

There is also a stark contrast in another are of the casino debate. The contrast between the current jobs available to Mainers, and the jobs that would become available if the casino is built.

"They're going to make a financial contribution to keep Mainers from having good jobs. Shame on them," said casino campaign spokeswoman Pat LaMarche. She was referring to Sunday River, who has given money to Casinos No! the group leading the fight against the casino proposal.

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