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Wasting Away At The Margaritaville Casino In Las Vegas

Being a reporter, there are often times that getting an assignment to cover a new casino opening can be a drag. Today was not one of those days as the Margaritaville Casino at the Flamingo opened in Las Vegas.

Jimmy Buffett has gained a legion of fans over his decades long music career. Buffett has traveled the world, filling arena after arena with loyal fans. The Flamingo is hoping some of that name recognition carries over to the gaming tables at the new casino.

"We're in the fun business," said Margaritaville Holdings Executive John Cohlan, to the Associated Press, when describing the laid back atmosphere at the new casino.

Thousands of people were already inside the casino upon my arrival, and the gamblers had various reasons for why they came out on opening night.

"It's like at a concert, you want to get there in time to see what the band is going to open with. That excitement is irreplaceable," said John Troney, who traveled from Lincoln, Nebraska to be in attendance at the opening of the Margaritaville Casino. "The excitement of the opening act is always intense at a concert, and my friends and I thought it would be the same at the opening of the new casino."

Others wanted to see what the new decor would be like.

"I heard the dealers didn't wear any shoes, and they all had shorts on, so I had to come check it out," said Leslie Barnar.

Barnar was actually only half right, the dealers actually are required to wear sandals while on duty, one of the many ways the casino has attempted to emulate the attitude that Buffett has perfected with his chain of Margaritaville restaurants.

Opening night was Saturday, and the original atmosphere was festive. Check back with CGW in the coming days for a full report on the newest casino in Las Vegas.

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