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AG Troy King Shoots Back At Riley's Gambling Task Force Letter

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Governor Robert Riley and Attorney General Troy King are locked in a bitter political battle over control of the Task Force on Illegal Gambling in Alabama. Late last week, the battle escalated with both sides standing their ground.

Governor Riley sent a letter to AG King, asking that King stop impeding on the efforts of the Task Force. King was not as receptive as the governor would have liked, calling for the state Supreme Court to step in and show Riley his boundaries.

"My office has initiated and is well underway with the appropriate action through our courts to resolve this conflict," said in a statement released on Friday. "I am urging the Supreme Court to explain to the governor that he does not possess unlimited power. Meanwhile, our course of action is correct and we will maintain it."

At stake in the legal battle is not only control over the Task Force, but also the validity of orders handed down by King when he took control of the Task Force last month. King relieved Task Force Head John Tyson Jr. from his position, and also sent letters to other members, terminating their involvement.

In Riley's letter to King, the governor informed the AG that he had instructed all who were fired by King to ignore any orders coming from King. The case is already headed to the Supreme Court, with the future of electronic bingo in Alabama possibly at stake.

Lawmakers in Alabama are advancing a Bill that would allow voters to decide the electronic bingo issue. Upon learning of the legislation, Riley called it, "corrupt." Riley claimed in his letter last week that the Task Force would resume raiding gambling establishments in the future.

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