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An Internet Gambling Conspiracy Theory

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The following rant is a summary of my Internet gambling 'conspiracy' theory that has been brewing inside my head since the beginning of the year, since before the House even considered introducing an anti-internet gambling bill.

In a sentence, this was all a plan by the US government to actually get internet gambling regulated.

Here's what I thought would happen... The US government would legislate some kind of law against internet gambling (which they now have). Banks, poker players, the ACLU, offshore gambling companies, freedom fighters all across the country would cause a huge uproar over the impossibilities of prolonging the prohibition (which they will). As a result, the laws would be overturned and internet gambling would be regulated.

So why did they do it this way? Well, the Republicans can tell their conservative base that they passed legislation that they wanted. They look great to their base. When it does not succeed, they get to say they did everything they could. Then, they campaign heavily in favor of regulating internet gambling so that they can be sure to keep underage children, money launderers, and terrorists out of the business. It's all about protection, they will say. Finally, online gambling will be regulated and the US government will get billions of dollars a year in internet gambling taxes.

It is also part of my theory that the Vegas, Atlantic City, and Indian casinos have actually been secretly lobbying FOR anti-internet gambling legislation because they had a better chance of it later being regulated if it was first shown how impossible it would be to ban it. And they want to get in the game real bad.

As of now US politicians realize that internet gambling could add billions of dollars a year in tax revenue, however, it would be a bad political move to come out in support of regulation. So the best move for all sides is to pass some unenforcebale, and riduculous bill, in order that it will be overturned, and in turn, regulated and taxed.

In the end everyone (US politicians) comes out looking rosy.

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