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An Internet Gambling Education for Anti-Online Gambling Groups

Education about Internet gambling will lead to legalization and regulation First off, we would like to thank Focus on the Family, in its news center, for fueling the debate of whether Internet gambling should be legalized and regulated in the United States.

In a Casino Gambling Web press release last week the company announced that they would be sending representatives to Washington D.C. to inform congressmen and senators of the United States issues involving Internet Gambling. Focus on the Family, in particular Chad Hills, their gambling analyst, took offense to Casino Gambling Web's move to start lobbying on behalf of the American people.

We at Casino Gambling Web would like to now respond to the allegations made by Focus on the Family and their analyst, Chad Hills, who sees Casino Gambling Web's efforts to lobby on the issue an effort to represent the billion dollar offshore gambling industry.

First off, Casino Gambling Web's intentions have nothing to do with getting offshore gambling operators back into the US market. Casino Gambling Web has no ties to any offshore gambling operators. The reality is, with proper regulation in the United States, United States companies such as The Sands would be the ones that would benefit. The offshore companies would lose out to the name brand companies run in the US. That is actually why this law has not been reversed yet, because offshore operators are NOT lobbying in Washington D.C., they would have little benefit from an online gambling ban reversal.

Secondly, Casino Gambling Web is a Canadian company with almost no financial backing. It is only sending representatives of its site from the United States to represent United States citizens who have written to the site to explain their anger about how the American government has taken away a freedom. The Casino Gambling Web representatives will also be presenting a petition to politicians signed by thousands of United States citizens who are outraged about the United States' government's intrusion into their personal life.

The US citizens who write to Casino Gambling Web also express their outrage at how the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed, by a corrupt politician, Bill Frist, backed by religious conservatives, who also accepted campaign contributions from US casino operators. Frist attached the UIGEA to a must pass Port Security Bill in the last hour of the last session of last year's congress schedule. The bill was not allowed amendments and was not allowed debate. On its own, anti-Internet gambling laws have been shot down the previous 9 years.

Providing an Education - Addressing issues Focus on the Family is concerned with:

Focus on the Family is focused on promoting their stance to ban Internet gambling in order to protect underage citizens from having the ability to gamble online. The reality is, however, that because the United States banned Internet gambling, offshore operators that run legitimate, publicly traded UK companies were forced out of the market. The market, in its current state, is still completely open, only now it is open to corrupt casinos, who do not care about following the laws of the United States, who with no conscience accept bets from underage gamblers. The reality, and the truth is, that underage citizens in the United States are now more vulnerable to gambling online than ever before.

Focus on the Family also is focused on protecting problem gamblers from having the ability to gamble online. This too is the same situation as listed above. Corrupt casinos who disobey American laws allow problem gamblers to play online without the bat of an eye.

The solution to these problems that Focus on the Family is so concerned with, if they really care about actually solving the problems they present, is to regulate the industry. Regulation, not restriction, would allow for the United States to create methods of protecting underage gamblers from having the ability to gamble online. Regulation, not restriction, would allow methods to be put into place to make it impossible for known problem gamblers to play online.

The Casino Gambling Web representatives will be presenting to congressmen and senators a packet which will include testimony that explains exactly how underage and problem gamblers will be effectively stopped using systems that are currently available and used in the United Kingdom, where Internet gambling is legal and regulated.

The reps will also include in their packet a landmark online gambling study done by Harvard University Medical School. The study concluded that of over 40,000 online gamblers only 0.4% developed what they considered gambling problems.

Chad Hills, in the Focus on the Family article, also wrote that, "the loudest and most desperate voices seem to be coming from abroad. It's coming from the United Kingdom, Costa Rica and the Caribbean islands."

Again, we feel it is time that Chad Hills and the Focus on the Family group gets a little education.

The UK, actually the entire European Union, Costa Rica, Curacao and Barbuda, Canada, Mexico, and Japan have put sanctions on the United States over the Internet gambling issue because the US lost a World Trade Organization case on the subject. The WTO ruled that the new law that stops banks from transferring funds to and from illegal Internet gambling operators on the basis of moral grounds is not acceptable because it also has loopholes in it that allows United States run casinos, horse racing betting, and lotteries to be run in the US. This is called Protectionism and is illegal under WTO rules.

It appears that the Focus on the Family group would rather keep the citizens of the United States and its legislators uneducated about the subject, as their goals of destroying an industry work much better when they Focus on the Fears and ignorance of their followers.

Clearly, the Focus on the Family group is worried that with a proper education on the subject of Internet gambling, lawmakers will be compelled to change the laws that restrict online gambling and let freedom of choice take hold.

And we are only scratching the surface on the reasons why Internet gambling should be legalized and regulated. How about consistency, lack of hypocrisy, freedom, and taxes.

Focus on the Family has attacked the wrong company. It is not suggested to start an argument or debate with someone who has more knowledge and understanding of a subject than you. But please, keep attacking us Focus on the Family, as the more press this issue gets, the more likely legalization and regulations will come.

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