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Another Arrest For Illegal Gambling, This Time in Alabama

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Slot machines are a form of entertainment for millions of Americans around the country, but as of late, these games are popping up in more venues outside of casinos, and the police have began to crack down on this illegal form of gambling.

The latest arrest came in Alabama, where police broke up an operation that spanned three states, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

Jerry Cordell and his son Paul Cordell were both arrested on Tuesday and charged with possession of a gambling device and promoting gambling. Jerry was also charged with possession of gambling records, and his son was additionally charged with possession of marijuana and a controlled substance.

64 machines were confiscated in the police probe and they also seized $15,175 in cash, and another $18,000 was frozen in a bank account of Cordell.

In addition to the money and machines, two trucks and 10 boxes of illegal gambling tickets were also seized, and four others were charged, although their names were not released.

Federal charges could be filed, but even though the investigation spanned three states, the arrests were made based on the Mobile, Alabama machines, of which they were believed to have come from Las Vegas.

Mobile Police Chief Phillip M. Garrett said, "They weren't built in Alabama", referring to the machines, some of which were unloaded from a truck and crushed by a city trash crew.

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