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Baltimore Already Moving On Land For Proposed Casino

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The state of Maryland is ready for slot machine gambling and after voters approved the measure, city officials in Baltimore have already began preparations for a new casino. On Thursday, city officials approved a $4.1 million purchase of land by the city.

The land is south of downtown and will be the site of a proposed casino. The state of Maryland will be giving five slot licenses to gambling operators looking to open slot casinos in the state. Now the key for the state is to award those licenses in areas that will be the least resistant to casinos.

"You don't have to speculate about whether there's going to be opposition. You can pretty much bank on it. People don't want to live near these things," said Aaron Meisner, founder of Stop Slots MD.

Meisner might be correct in his assessment of having opposition, but as for not wanting to live near them, voters proved on Tuesday that the majority has no problem with casinos.

Almost a three to two ratio shows how Marylanders are ready to join many other states in welcoming casino gambling to their area. The money that will be generated will be a big factor in the education of children in Maryland.

Opponents of the slots expansion used the same old arguments to try and sway voters to vote against the slots. They pointed to addiction and crime as a reason to vote no.

"What these opposition groups found out in Maryland and other areas of the country with this Tuesday's election is that the new generation of voters is not feared into voting a certain way. The old arguments are not making sense to new voters who have a better grasp on the issues in America today," said political analysist Brian Camerod.

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