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Beshear Criticized For Dedication To Expanded Gambling In Kentucky

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Governor Steve Beshear attacked the online gambling industry earlier this year, and now it looks like it may be the gambling industry that bails the governor out. There is a major disagreement between Beshear and Senate President David Williams on the future of Kentucky.

Beshear, on Tuesday, announced that the state budget could experience a shortcoming of $1.5 billion over the next two years. Williams calls that analysis overblown, and believes that the state s' lawmakers can turn things around if they work together.

Williams then had harsh words for the governor having to do with expanded gambling. Beshear has been trying to bring slots to state racetracks ever since the economic crisis hit the US.

"He's (Beshear) wasted two years of his administration trying to force through gambling, slot machines," said Williams, "He's been a one issue governor up to this juncture."

Unfortunately for Kentucky residents, Beshear is sending mixed signals when it comes to gambling and its dangers. Earlier this year, Beshear attempted unsuccessfully to seize the domain names of 141 online gambling sites.

Beshear claimed that the online gambling could be dangerous for the youth of Kentucky. On the other hand, Beshear has lobbied for slot machines at state racetracks. The mixed message has some people in the state confused.

"Either he is for gambling or he is against gambling," said Bryan Balter, "the governor seems to be trying to be for gambling in one area and against it in another. That just makes no sense."

Williams believes that the budget deficit projections are blown up by the governor on purpose. Williams feels that the governor is attempting to persuade lawmakers to pass expanded gambling laws by inflating the severity of the financial situation in Kentucky.

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