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Carbondale The Latest Illinois City To Turn Away Video Gambling

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In Illinois, there appears to be a severe disagreement between state and local officials. State lawmakers have opened up to the idea of expanding video gambling throughout the state, but more and more local authorities are turning the idea away.

The state has left it up to local officials as to whether or not they should ban video gambling. The state has promoted the new expanded gambling plan, but now there is a growing list of local opponents to the new idea for additional revenue.

The latest city to turn the gambling machines away was Carbondale on Tuesday. The City Council voted 4-3 in favor of banning video gambling machines in bars and restaurants. Anyone who wants to play the machines will now have to travel outside of city limits to do so.

mayor Brad Cole, perhaps not speaking for the people he represented, mad it clear where he stood on the issue, if there was one at all. "I think the issue is, we don't need video gambling in Carbondale," said Cole. So there you have it. The mayor does not think it belongs in the city, so gambling will not be in the city.

Unless, of course, a resident wants to play the lottery. Lottery gambling is legal in the state, and some council member pointed out that there really is no difference between lottery gambling and the video machine gambling.

"Where do we draw the line?, asked Council Member Lance Jack, "What is our rationale for opting out of this (video gambling) but not opting out of gambling completely?" Jack is not a proponent of gambling, but does believe there is a level of consistency that must be maintained.

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