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Casino Gambling May Be The Only Way Out For Ohio Budget

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It is happening all across the country. Lawmakers are trying to save their horse racing tracks from financial disaster by allowing them the right to offer casino gambling in the form of video slot machines.

In Ohio, voters and the governor of the state, Ted Strickland, have been opposed to such a move. It is costing the racing industry dearly, while other states are seeing their tracks prosper.

"Governor, get off your moral high horse," said Senator Bill Seitz, "Horse racing is not a dying industry anywhere except in this state because of our mutton-headed refusal to do in this state what our neighbors do."

If Seitz and fellow lawmakers Louis Blessing have their way, voters in the state will have several gambling options to vote for in the next election. The advancement of gambling in the state is not sufficient, according to many.

Last summer, keno was approved for the state, but it has fell far short of expectations. That could be because surrounding states are beginning to offer real casino gambling, and Ohio's keno game cannot compete.

In the past, the gambling issue has been voted on as a statewide proposition. Seitz is attempting to change that this time around. He is proposing that each county get to choose their own fate, which would allow for the counties that do not want casino gambling to keep it out.

The state budget is due i less than two weeks, and at that time there should be a clearer picture as to where the casino issue is going over the next few months.

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