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Casino Gambling Proponents Rally At Alabama Supreme Court

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The gambling issue in Alabama has been at the forefront of the political landscape for the better part of the past year, and again on Friday the issue was front and center. Hundreds of people lined the street across from the Alabama Supreme Court on Friday.

The rally has taken a similar tone to those that have been held in the past. The main rallying cry is that corruption in the government and personal agendas is driving politicians to go after the gambling industry. The anger of Alabamians can be seen in Governor Robert Riley's approval ratings, but the governor is still closing down gaming establishments.

"We've got to clean up the governor's office," said State Senator Hank Sanders, who attended the rally at the Supreme Court. The political fallout from the gambling issue will be seen this November when close races for office are expected to be determined largely by the candidates stance on gambling.

"People are not happy that their family members and friends are losing jobs with each of these gambling establishment raids," said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz. "The economy was bad enough before the raids started talking place, and now the anger has reached epic proportions."

Several of the establishments that have been raided were among the largest employers in their cities. Thousands of people have had to find new jobs temporarily while the courts settle the issue of whether or not electronic bingo machines are legal under state law.

The rally on Friday was just the beginning of the movement to elect officials who are in favor of regulated gambling in Alabama. A big rally is scheduled for Labor Day to promote candidates that endorse gambling, and further hurt the chances of those that do not.

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