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China Moving Fast On Shutting Down Online Gambling Operations

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The Chinese government made their plans known early in the month of February that they would be actively attempting to shut down illegal online gambling operations in their country. after several weeks of arrests, notice has been served that the government is moving quickly on their pledge.

The Ministry of Public security targeted unlicensed online gambling operators when they spoke of cleaning up their Internet gambling industry. The extent of their efforts was not known until the arrests started happening, over 900 of them in all so far.

Of the 918 arrests, none were online players. All of those people arrested had direct ties to the operation of the unregulated online gaming sites. The operation of stings is expected to last at least a half year, and could result in thousands of arrests by the time the clean up is complete.

The competition for Chinese online gamblers has become more intense in recent weeks from companies outside the country. With many of these gamblers losing their regular sites, there are now thousands of players looking for other gambling avenues on the Internet.

The government cannot go after the sites that are registered in other countries, so their overall effort to shut out online gambling in China may go unfulfilled. In all, however, over 200 online sites have been shut down by the Chinese government.

The Internet gambling industry is growing worldwide, with billions of dollars being spent by online gamblers. Many countries have adopted a regulated system in order to provide their residents with a safe environment to enjoy their entertainment gambling.

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