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Church Off The Mark Regarding Gambling In Guam

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When opposition to gambling expansion comes about, it is usually based solely on the word "gambling". Much like we recently reported about, the church has come out against a gambling initiative in Guam simply because of the word itself.

When governments such as Guam's conjure up initiatives to clean up gambling in their area, they are often ridiculed. The word "gambling" sends chills up the spines of church and activist groups.

These groups most of the time fight against good government solutions to gambling problems simply because the word "gambling is used" in the initiative or Bill. Guam is currently fighting this battle against the church.

The government has used the words "responsible gaming" to describe their newest revealed initiative. The reason these words are used is because that is precisely what the initiative would do. It would clean up the gambling industry in Guam that is currently in shambles.

A major factor that these church groups fail to see is the economic upside to bringing gambling to an area. Organized gambling brings jobs and revenue to places that otherwise would not be able to stay out of poverty.

People are struggling these days around the world. Money is a major issue for many people, and when casinos can be built and jobs can be created, then one has to weigh the pros against the cons.

Money flows from the casinos to the government and then goes into education for the youths of an area. That education allows students to get higher paying jobs when they graduate. The cycle does not stop.

Gambling has done wonderful things for many countries around the world, and Guam will be the next to find out just how beneficial gambling can be to citizens.

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