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Representative Barney Frank has been trying for two years to get a clarification of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. The law that was put in place back in 2006 has done nothing for two years but continue to allow illegal online gambling companies to prey on Americans without regulation.

Frank introduced a Bill this week that was passed in the House Finance Services Committee that would clarify the ill-advised UIGEA, and make it clear to banks what forms of gambling would be legal and illegal online.

The UIGEA was passed in the eleventh hour as part of a border protection Bill. It was not well thought out and consequently, has been unenforceable for two years. While gambling online continues, the government has been trying to finds ways to enforce the UIGEA.

Why anyone would oppose a Bill that would clarify a previous law is puzzling. Several groups, however, with a lack of knowledge on the facts have now done so. A group who promotes that they are for family issues has now done as much. has come out and encouraged Americans to contact their representatives to vote against the new Frank Bill, H.R. 6870, the Payments System Protection Act. A vote against this Bill in essence would be a vote for the continued illegal preying of Americans by illegal gambling websites.

There are not regulations in the United States as there are in other countries regarding Internet gambling. That means that companies who cannot operate in other countries for fear of regulation laws, set up shop in the Caribbean Islands and target Americans as their customers.

While many groups hear the word "gambling" in a proposed Bill and automatically take an opposition stance, others should be not be so ignorant to create a stance without knowing the facts.

The Frank Bill is the first step away from the illegal gambling that is taking place online. It is a step towards regulating an industry that already exists and profits while Americans do not. It is the beginning of protection for Americans that they do not currently enjoy. It is a move towards forcing these online gambling companies to place the proper money into educating and helping get treatment for problem gamblers.

No such system exists today in the United States. The way to help problem gamblers is through education and treatment, much like any other people suffering from addictions. Allowing these people to gamble online in a black market is turning a blind eye away from a problem that already exists.

H.R. 6870 will become the first step in a movement away from the current illegally run online gambling system. That is a Bill worth supporting as Americans, even though groups such as become scared at the sight of the word "gambling".

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