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eTrade Gambling - So Easy a Baby Could Do It

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The latest commercial from the billion dollar online gambling industry leader, eTrade, shows a baby behind a computer screen making trades. After charismatically talking in an adult's voice explaining how easy it is to gamble online the baby regurgitates some baby formula onto his keyboard. Focus on the Family should be outraged.

Chad Hills, gambling analyst for the James Dobson led Focus on the Family group, has not expressed any opinion on this form of legal online gambling in the United States and our industry expert, Gordon Price, is demanding action.

"It is hypocritical for Chad Hills to so vehemently demand a prohibition of online gambling, while excluding a ban on stock trading, which is a legal form of online gambling," Price said.

Price claims that if eTrade has the ability to protect children from stealing their parent's credit card than so should online casinos have access to those same protections. "If protecting children is their main concern, and it is not possible to protect children from participating in online activities, than why should eTrade be allowed to continue?"

The truth of the matter is that trading stocks online is simply a legal form of gambling that has stringent measures to keep children out of their platform. Price wants one question answered by Chad Hills and the 'liars' (as Price calls them) from Focus on the Family.

"If eTrade has the capabilities to prevent children from entering their site, why wouldn't online casinos have those same capabilities?"

Price also wants to know why Focus on the Family is not outraged by these companies like eTrade who proudly explain that their service is so easy, even a baby can do it.

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