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Former Online Gambling CEO Suspected Murderer Sentenced to 105 Years

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Adam Anhang, the former CEO of online gambling company, CWC Gaming, which runs, was brutally murdered a few months ago in San Juan Puerto Rico. One of the people who has been accused of the murder has now been sentenced to prison.

Jonathon Roman Rivera, 24, a restaurant worker, was sentenced to 105 years in jail for what authorities claimed was his role in Anhang's death.

Anhang had been in the middle of a divorce at the time he was murdered. His wife, Aurea Vazquez Rijos, and Anhang, were walking away from a restaurant at the time of the attack. They were reportedly talking about the terms of their divorce.

While Rivera was sentenced, authorities believe that there were accomplices that were also involved. Police are continuing to pursue leads on the other people involved.

Rivera was convicted in October. No forensic evidence was produced. He still claims he had nothing to do with the murder. When the judge asked him for final remarks before being sentenced, he said, "I'm not involved with this."

Rijos did not co-operate with authorities. She has recently filed a lawsuit against Anhang's parents, trying to acquire half of his earnings and assets that he received during their marriage.

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