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Frank Internet Gambling Bill Gains More Co-Sponsors

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Yesterday, HR-2046 gained another sponsor. Congressional representative Don Young of Alaska has joined 23 other co-sponsors to Barney Frank’s proposed bill to legalize, regulate, license and tax online gambling.

Every effort is being made by to provide legislators with enough information regarding this bill so that they may have insight to the entire cause and effects the UIGEA has wrought, and the circumstances in which it was enacted.

It is our hope that we will be well received in Washington when we arrive in July, to distribute and help raise awareness to all Senators and Congress people, on the importance this has for many millions of Americans and the world at large.

"The results of our efforts will hopefully bring enough co-sponsors to Frank's bill, enough to bring it to the House floor for debate," said Gordon Price.

With all else they may have to be concerned with, it is our belief that this issue is not on top of their individual agendas. We plan to change that with input from a nationwide constituency that has spoken, as well as data and testimony both for and against any changes.

Without such knowledge of the consequences we now face in the World Trade Organization, the dangers of not regulating that have surfaced, and the lack of controls to ensure safety and security, which controls are less prevalent now than before the UIGEA became law, legislators have no need to delve deeper into this issue.

We will at least begin conversation and debate among those that govern and make laws.

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