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Frank Online Gambling Bill Gains Momentum With More Co-Sponsors

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Representative Barney Frank is trying to change the laws in the US regarding online gambling, and he may have received help in the past few weeks from the US government. The government, attempting to rattle the Internet gambling industry, seized over $30 million from accounts that were to pay out online poker winnings.

That move apparently has fueled the desire of lawmakers to change the Internet gambling laws in the country. Four new co-sponsors have been added to Frank's proposed online gambling legislation.

The four new lawmakers come from all different parts of the nation. Out West, Rep. Michael M. Honda was added from California. Representative Ed Perimutter from Colorado also joined the fight on Friday. Rep. Ciro D. Rodriguez from Texas, and Rep. Robert E. Andrews from New Jersey also have now co-sponsored the Bill.

"The ball seems to be rolling in the direction of legalized online gambling in the US," said analyst Grady Hurgens, "the government's actions involving the poker payout seizures may have been the last straw for some lawmakers."

The Bill, which would not only legalize Internet gambling, but also lay the framework for regulation of the industry, has been steadily gaining support over the past few months. The Bill now has thirty-four co-sponsors, with eight being added in the past two weeks.

Frank has tried to have the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act overturned in the past, but he ran into opposition from a Republican led Congress. Now, he appears to have a much better chance with Democrats in control.

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