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Frist Writes to Southern Baptists About Internet Gambling

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"The new law (banning internet gambling) passed because members of the pro-family movement -- including a great many Southern Baptists -- brought the issue to the attention of both Democrats and Republicans," Bill Frist says in a letter to the Southern Baptists, a minority group not representative of all, or even a majority, of citizens of the United States of America.

In an attempt to explain his way out of attaching a ridiculous law that prohibits the rights and freedoms of American citizens, in the midnite hours of the last day of Congress sessions, Frist explains that "...rigorous state enforcement means that brick and mortar casinos make a good faith effort to keep minors away from gambling. The same isn't so for online casinos: A website can't tell whether someone is 13 or 35."

Frist makes a good point about underage gambling online, if it were true. When 60 minutes did a report on internet gambling and the producer let his son attempt to play online, he was consistently denied by online casinos and poker rooms. The kid had to search through several casinos before finding a shady website where he was allowed to use his parents credit card, which he somehow was in possession of.

Frist also showed his ignorance of the subject of online casino regulation in his letter to the Southern Baptists. Online casinos are legal and highly regulated by the UK government and the other countries where they hold valid gaming licenses. And everyone in the industry knows that if an online casino is shady it would be online gaming suicide. Online, a casino running a tight ship is what equals success.

The problem Mr. Frist, with all this (and I could go on disecting your article to your minority backers but I won't waste my breath) is that this bill was attached to a Port Authority Bill and was not given a chance to be debated in Congress. The bill was not even presented to anyone in the House until 30 minutes before it went to the floor. You actually attempted several times before the midnite hours of that last night to bring it up to your cronies in the Senate only to have it be knocked down by the more honest politicians who believed it was not nearly as important as National Defense and the Security of our Nation.

But good job, you reached your Southern Baptist minority. Let's see how far that gets you.

For those of you interested in reading the full text go here.

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