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Gambling Companies Spent $1.3M Lobbying for Internet Regulation

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Worldwide gambling companies spent more than $1.3 million lobbying politicians in Washington D.C. in the first half of 2007, presumably to persuade them to pass Bill HR 2046, ie. the Internet Gambling Regulation Enforcement Act.

According to our research of the US Senate of Public Records PartyGaming PLC spent $140,000, Harrah's spent $100,000, World Poker Tour spent $20,000, Station Casinos Inc. spent $60,000 and the American Gaming Association (who represents over 50 gambling companies) spent $900,000 in lobbying efforts the first half of this year.

All companies are required by federal law to release papers on their lobbying efforts every six months. The numbers for the first six months of 2007 have just started to be filed and it is apparent that there is a great deal of lobbying going on behind closed doors to persuade politicians in Washington to pass Barney Frank's bill to legalize, regulate, and tax online gambling.

Of course, it does not say what side of the issue the company is lobbying, but it is assumed that these companies who list HR 2046 as one of their efforts are lobbying for the passing of the bill because they would all benefit.

It goes without saying that PartyGaming and World Poker Tour are in favor of US legislation to legalize the industry, and Harrah's and MGM have stated earlier in the year that they would jump all over an opportunity to release their brand online to US customers.

Although many companies have a vested interest in the industry getting regulated in America, in September Casino Gambling Web representatives will head to Washington D.C. to lobby on behalf of the American people, who are desperate to gain one of the freedoms back that was stolen from them by a corrupt senator late last year.

The Casino Gambling Web reps that are headed to Washington D.C. will not be spending money to persuade politicans, rather they will be presenting facts about the industry to politicians and aids in hopes of enlightening them about the issue.

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