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Gambling Online Illegal, But Gambling On Military Bases Promoted

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The United States government has taken the position that it is immoral for Americans to gamble online.

This argument is very difficult to believe as the Federal government allows gambling to take place almost anywhere in the United States.

In fact, the Department of Defense owns and operates up to 8,000 slot machines on military bases throughout the world. Making it a very large supplier of gambling services.

The military says the revenue from slots is well over $100 million annually, and that money is used to fund recreation programs overseas, such as swimming pools, movie theaters and concerts.

The military has a budget of more than $500 billion this year, the single largest item in our national budget. Yet, it sees fit to provide an activity that generates revenues that are equal to a medium sized Las Vegas casinos by preying on our soldiers.

Rich Gorman, the Army's point man on recreational activities, says, "There are 3,000 slot machines for the Army and Marines, bringing in $130 million." Other branches of service records are not currently available.

Undersecretary of Defense Leslye Arsht, in a statement made in May to CNN, said machines on bases and posts provide "a controlled alternative to un-monitorized host-nation gambling venues and offers a higher payment percentage making it more entertainment oriented than that found at typical casinos.

"Department of Defense policy authorizes the military services to operate gaming and other amusement machines in overseas locations only, unless prohibited by host-country laws or agreements," Arsht said.

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