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Gambling Raids Pile Up Across The US, The Latest In Georgia

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Anyone who is looking into running an illegal gambling operation in the US needs to be aware of one thing. Authorities are actively cracking down on the se operations, and they are arresting people in the process.

The latest raid came in Georgia on Wednesday. Jan's Billiards and Our Place were raided by police at around noon Wednesday. One woman was arrested at Jan's, and another four men were arrested at Our Place.

"We're going to take a strong stance from a law enforcement perspective," said Clayton County Police Chief Jeff Turner, "to try and rid those activities from Clayton County." They are not the only county that is cracking down.

Across the US, there has been an effort made to ensure that video gambling does not become an acceptable practice. Law enforcement agencies have been spending many of their resources to seek out and destroy these operations.

Officers were sent in undercover to investigate the operations being run at Jan's and Our Place. At one of the locations, thirty-five gambling machines were found and police also seized large amounts of cash.

"We put in a lot of police man hours in this particular investigation," said Turner. On Wednesday, that effort paid off in arrests, and it also sent warning throughout Clayton County that illegal gambling operations will not be tolerated.

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