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Gambling Site Sending Reps to Washington to Lobby for Internet Gambling

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Casino Gambling Web is sending workers to Washington D.C. to lobby on behalf of the American people who wish to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

The representatives, who wish to remain anonymous, will be armed with a packet of papers that will include all the information a politician will need in order to create an informed opinion about the pesky Internet gambling issue. A packet will be hand delivered to every congressman and every senator office in Washington D.C.

The packet of papers will feature a personal note from American citizens, attached to a number of other papers which will include all the testimony of the Financial Services Committee hearing on the topic. Information on the WTO situation the US is in now will also be included.

The company has said they will not represent a biased view of the situation. "We will not leave out the anti-Internet gambling information from our packet of papers," Gordon Price, Casino Gambling Web's owner, said.

"It is important that the congressmen see the other point of view so they can see how silly it is," Mr. Price said.

Much of the anti-Internet gambling sentiment stems from the idea that banning online gaming will protect underage and problem gamblers, however, since the ban was put it into place it has been easier for underage and problem gamblers to play.

"The reality is that if we really want to protect the vulnerable potential gamblers in America, then regulating the industry is the answer," Price said.

He was alluding to the fact that if regulation was implemented than problem gamblers would be able to block themselves, or be blocked from, gambling online. As well underage gamblers could be easily prevented from participating in the activity. With no regulation the illegal companies that are still promoting to US citizens do not care if a gambler has a problem or is underage and there is basically nothing that can be done to stop corrupt companies from stealing money from Americans.

"Of course, the real issue here is that Americans expect to live free, and they are being prevented from doing so. That is why in our packet of papers we will be presenting the petition that proves Americans hate this new situation," Price said.

Also in the packet of papers will be information on the Poker Player Alliance and how they have currently over 500,000 voluntary members who wish to see the law repealed.

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