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Georgia City Cleaning Up Gambling Machine Ordinances

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Apparently business owners in Warner Robins, Georgia, have taken the city to lightly when it comes to adhering to video gambling machines laws. Now that the business owners have crossed the line, the city is preparing to step in and slow the expansion of this form of gambling.

Currently the city only has one ordinance regarding the video gambling machines, and that has to deal with the amount of machines these businesses can offer to their customers. State laws, however, claim that businesses cannot make cash payouts on these machines, only products or services can be offered in exchange for winning tickets.

One of the major problem in the city is that more and more businesses are starting to install the video gambling machines. That is leading to complaints from citizens, and increased crime. many of these locations with the machines have been getting robbed with criminals looking for quick cash.

"Something needs to be done because it is starting to look like Las Vegas in every business. Convenience stores should not be the place for gambling," said observer John Franch, "neither should gift stores or restaurants."

The District Attorney has alluded to the fact that many of the cases involving these video gambling machines end in a plea deal. Their main concern is eliminating the machines, not necessarily throwing the business owners in jail.

Another issue that needs to be addressed in the new ordinances is the machines locations with regards to schools and churches. City officials would like to make an ordinance that would ensure a certain amount of distance between the businesses where the machines are operational and the schools and churches.

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