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Google Regulates Online Gambling, US Intervention Not Needed

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According to some studies more than 80% of United States online searches are made through Google. Using those numbers it would be fair to say that 80% of online gamblers find the casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks they play at through Google.

Considering that Google filters out all sites that use spyware, spamware, malware, or other malicious programs it would also be safe to say that Google does a sufficient job at keeping corrupt online casinos that citizens think run rampant on the Internet out of the public view.

As a result of the high quality results Google returns for online gambling related searches, the only sites that the majority of searchers will see are casinos and or sites that link to casinos that provide high quality software that does not install any malicious programs onto a user's computer.

To take it a step further, if a casino is known to be corrupt, in that they launder money, steal or cheat players, or fund terrorism they will not be linked to on the sites that are found at the top of search results in Google.

The sites that promote casinos would not promote rogue casinos, because webmasters feel that if they are corrupt to players, than they will be corrupt to them and not pay their advertising fees when owed.

This is the system in which the Internet gambling industry was regulated, and it was working well until the US intervened.

The truth is that when Internet gambling began in the late 1990's some of the scummiest people in the world ran the sites, and they did do malicious acts that sent worms and viruses to consumers' computers, they did send out quite a bit of spam, they did have malfunctioning software that either intentionally or unintentionally stole from players. But as the industry progressed, as search engines progressed, as casino software progressed, and as the Internet progressed, the online gambling community became a well regulated industry.

Was there still malicious people out there who did bad things in the industry? Well, yes, but not as much as people think.

The webmasters who promoted online casinos forced operators to run smooth operations, or they would not promote them, and the industry as a whole was becoming a well oiled machine.

Players got paid quickly via Neteller. Neteller functioned as a controlling device that did not allow gamblers to deposit more than a set amount per week/month/year etc. If there ever was a complaint of a problem with a casino from a player the player had many contacts available to them who would intervene on their behalf and most situations resolved amicably.

Since the United States has intervened with the passing of the UIGEA (the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) they have shut off the market to the well regulated side of the industry and opened it back up to the corrupt casino operators who do not care about breaking or following US laws.

Back came the spam, back came the corrupt software, back came the lack of player payments, back came the dark images of a shady industry.

As a result of the US enacting the UIGEA, the only realistic action that can now be taken is for the United States to regulate the industry. How's that for irony?

The real solution is to void the UIGEA and let the industry get back to the way things were. Let Google do what it does. Let the webmasters do what they do, and let the players do what they do.

But that is most likely not what is going to happen.

It is nothing but the pure arrogance of the United States to think that an industry can not function properly without their intervention.

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