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Governor Elect Beshear Wins in Kentucky Thanks To Pro Gambling Stance

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The Governor's race in Kentucky had the usual opposite stances on many key issues, but it was the casino gambling issue that pushed Governor elect Steve Beshear over the top.

Beshear has been pro gambling throughout his campaign, and his opponent, Republican Governor Ernie Fletcher ran his campaign with a "no casinos" idea. He claimed that casinos would cause bankruptcies, crime, and divorce, and unfortunately for him, voters did not agree.

Beshear won the election with 59 percent of the vote, and that is a direct relation to his ideas that casino gambling is needed to strengthen Kentucky's economy.

In his theory, casino gambling would bring in about $500 million a year in additional tax revenue, and that money would go a long way in helping the education system as well as health care.

The next thing that the Governor elect must do now that he has won the election, is try and get a casino gambling measure on the ballot in time for next year.

Proponents of gambling in the state of Kentucky such as State Rep. Larry Clark feel that it is time to stop citizens of the state from going to other states to spend their money gambling.

In January, a casino gambling constitutional amendment proposal is set to be introduced by Senator David Boswell, a Democrat from Owensboro.

Although it may take some time to reach the ultimate goal of casino gambling in the state, it is clear by the election results that people of the state of Kentucky are ready for that next step.

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