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Governor Strickland No Longer Opposed To Gambling Expansion

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Governor Strickland in Ohio has been one of the most outspoken opponents of gambling expansion in the state. Now, however, realizing the expansion could be what is best for Ohio, Strickland has reversed his course.

Strickland now is endorsing adding slot machine gambling to state racetracks. It is a move that he claims is inevitable if budget deficits are going to be filled. He has encouraged others to go along with the plan.

"This has been a difficult choice for me but I believe a necessary one," said Strickland, "It is contrary to what I ever though I would have to do." Opponents of expanded gambling were quick to oppose the governor's new thoughts on the issue.

"Difficult economic times do not give the governor a free pass to trash the Constitution and the results of four statewide elections," said conservative anti-gambling group Ohio Roundtable.

The key decision that was made by the governor may not be his jumping of the fence on the gambling issue, but how the laws will be changed. The governor will allow legislators to change the gambling laws without voter approval.

Voters in the state have voiced their opposition to expanded gambling on several different occasions. The vote each time, however, has been closer and closer, and the public is starting to understand the necessity for gambling to help the state budget.

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