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Governor Strickland Plans Slot Gambling Executive Order In Ohio

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Governor Ted Strickland has been against slot gambling at state racetracks for a long time, that was until a few short weeks ago. Back on June 19th, Strickland changed his stance, and began supporting gambling expansion at the tracks.

The change brought Strickland in line with House Democrats, but they have been locked in a battle over the issue with the GOP-led Senate. There has been little progress on a compromise up until this point, and the state budget is being held up, that is why Strickland now will move on his own.

The executive order will not fully give Strickland what he wants. Excluded from the order will be a provision that would allow racetracks to recoup their investment if voters approved casinos for the state. That is a key omission because the issue will go to voters in November.

A casino advocate group has gained the amount of signatures needed to have an initiative put on the ballot in November that would ask voters to approve for casinos in the state. The casinos would go to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo, and Columbus.

The casino issue has gone to voters several times before but they have turned away the idea each time, that has been the argument of Republican Senators. This time around, however, it appears that voters are ready to accept casinos in the state.

A recent poll shows that over sixty percent of the people polled are in favor of expanded casino gambling. Strickland changed his stance much like many of the residents because Ohio could use the extra revenue to avoid having to pay higher taxes.

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