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Hamilton Residents Shocked At Police Force In Gambling Raid

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A gambling raid that took place in Hamilton, Canada left patrons of a bar and grill stunned at the force that was used by authorities. The raid netted only six arrests, but left many others wondering why so many police officers were needed.

The raid took place just before 1:00 P.M. in the End Zone Bar and Grill at 1900 King Street East. The bar and grill was the location of an illegal bookmaking and poker operation.

There was no poker being played when police raided the restaurant, but other supposed gambling paraphernalia was seized. Officers took thousands of dollars and plasma televisions from the establishment in the raid. The plasma televisions were taken because authorities claim they were being used for sports betting.

The police officers did not explain exactly how the plasma televisions were being used to place bets, but they confiscated the televisions anyway.

"It was an absolute unbelievable show of force. It was lunch time with families and children present and we had no idea what was going on," said one patron, who only identified himself as Steve.

Other were equally as shocked by the use of force to arrest only six people. "They come in like there is some kind of bomb threat. They turn the place upside down and then they only arrest six of the hundreds of people that were inside. That makes no sense," said Cheryl, who was there with her family enjoying a meal.

Authorities saw the raid differently and explained the use of forty officers in the bust. "It was an illegal gambling zone. There were approximately 150 patrons in the bar at the time and we were looking for a safe and secure operation to be done with minor injuries," said Inspector Dan Kinsella.

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