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Harding University Expands Prohibited Gambling To Include Lottery

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Harding University is a Christian school in Arkansas that had to deal with the issue of lottery gambling for the first time this year. at first, the university said they would be accepting of students buying lottery tickets.

That stance, however, did not last long. On Friday, Harding University President David Burks announced that lottery gambling would not be excluded from the list of prohibited gambling on or off campus.

"My intention was to express in our policy the reality that it will be very difficult to enforce any prohibition against the lottery," said Burks, "In an attempt to avoid one appearance of hypocrisy, I made a decision that has itself come to be viewed as hypocritical."

The conflict of interest comes in because the state lottery is going towards college scholarships. Millions of dollars are expected to be raised for these scholarships through the sale of lottery scratch off tickets and the multi-state Powerball lottery.

The move to legalize lottery gambling in Arkansas comes at a time when many other states are taking the next step and legalizing casino gambling. The casino gambling revenue has already started bailing out state governments financially.

Other universities on Arkansas have also had to deal with the new lottery gambling law and how it will have an affect on their policing of student gambling. The University of Arkansas believes that a gambling ban that is in place would stop students from buying scratch off tickets on campus, but allows for them to be scratched off while on school property.

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