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Head Of Casino Gambling Cheating Scam, Sentenced To Seventy Months

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Phuong Quoc Truong had it all just a couple of years ago. He was living the good life in the US, with fancy cars in his driveways and million dollar jewelry on his arm. Now, he will be stripped down to nothing but a jumpsuit.

Authorities announced on Monday that the brains behind one of the biggest casino scams in US history has received a sentence of seventy months in prison. Truong will also have to forfeit $2.7 million and re-pay $5.7 million in restitution to the casinos he helped scam.

The central location of the operation was in San Diego, but the scam had a reach throughout the US. Twenty-seven casinos around the country were taken by the scam, and thirty-seven defendants have already pleaded guilty to their involvement in the operation.

It was complex system that came down to card counting in the end. Truong would teach dealers how to execute a "fast shuffle," then other members would sit at those dealers tables inside casinos and take the casinos for thousands of dollars at a time.

The operation was so big that even some high profile people were involved. Jacob Nickels is the son of former Seattle mayor Greg Nickels. The younger Nickels was sentenced to three months in prison back in December of 2007.

Casino employees were a key part of the operation and it was not just the dealers that were involved. Supervisors would be in on the scam, advising dealers to complete the false shuffling techniques.

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