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Illegal Gambling Operation Shut Down In California

Authorities were busy at work on Thursday exposing a business that was running an illegal gambling operation in California. Copy Planet was the target of a raid that took place in which the business was operating illegal gaming machines.

The case seemed like an easy one for the police officers that raided the establishment. Upon entering, the officers found 29 computers along a wall in Copy Planet, with no traces of any copy machines. The computers, according to police, were being used for customers to gain access to illegal slot-type games.

The surrounding neighborhood was instrumental in authorities starting the investigation. Complaints started to trickle in that there was more and more traffic coming in and out of Copy Planet. When the police set up their investigation, they learned that the owners of the business was allowing the illegal gambling.

The operation brought in an estimated $600 to $1,500 a day. The establishment ran the business much like the popular Internet cafes that have become popular around the US. The customer would purchase a card, then enter the card into the computers and begin playing the slot-type games for real money.

Unlike Internet cafes, authorities believe that Copy Planet was paying their customers in cash. Several states have laws permitting Internet cafe games, as long as the winnings are paid in prizes totaling less than the legal limit. In most cases, the cafes offer store gift cards to their winners.

States have started to become tougher with their Internet cafe laws. A handful of states have outlawed Internet cafes completely, while others have spent their time crafting new casino regulations that, in essence, put the Internet cafes out of business.

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