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Imagine : Freedom In A Ron Paul Run America

Imagine Real Freedom in a Ron Paul Run America Ron Paul's discussions on American policies have been embraced by the American public. Eventually his views will be embraced by American mainstream media, his views will be talked about by news anchors and taken seriously in publicized discussions. Then, once Paul gets voted into office, his new and innovative policies will be embraced by the American Congress, because the American Congress will realize Paul's views are America's views, too. Then, real change may occur in the United States.

Okay, so the mainstream media may never embrace Ron Paul's messages, and thus Ron Paul will not get voted into office, and thus Congress will never change their stances on issues. America, as a result, will not change and will remain headed in the same direction it is currently on. Go, status quo!

But just imagine for a second living in a country with no federal income taxes, while remaining prosperous. And imagine, not only preaching the Golden Rule, but living in a country that is guided by it. Imagine for a second living in a country that not only preaches peace, but strives for it through peaceful means. Imagine.

Imagine living in a country that is truly free.

Don't be scared. It is scary, but don't be scared, just sit back in your office chair, relax on your couch, turn off the radio or the TV, click off the computer screen, put your feet up on your desk or your ottoman, close your eyes, and imagine being free.

But be careful because real freedom is scary. And fear is a powerful emotion. Votes over the past six years have been based on fear, and fear is difficult to overcome.

But just imagine for a second truly living free. Relax, let go of all worry and concern, and just imagine. Just for a moment, imagine living free of fear.

Imagine being able to save money freely for retirement. Imagine having the ability to purchase goods, freely. Imagine being able to spend money on entertainment, freely. Imagine not being fearful of speaking on the phone freely to friends and family.

Imagine a government that does not hide facts from its people, that does not misguide its citizens to protect its own agendas.

Imagine. Don't be scared. Just imagine. Imagine change. Embrace it.

Ron Paul's messages may be ahead of their time, they may need four more years to resonate in the minds of Americans and media, but just imagine if real change happens now. Imagine if drastic change for the better happens quickly.

Then open your eyes, realize the world that currently exists, then go to the polls and vote for Ron Paul to change it.

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