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Inside the Goodlatte Conspiracy, The Good Fund, The UIGEA

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Representative Bob Goodlatte from Virginia was one of the main writers and pushers of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in the US, which has a special carve out allowing horse race betting online.

The righteous representative claimed moral reasons for pushing for a ban on Internet gambling, but it was revealed last week by J. Todd from Perspectives Weekly that he received almost $40,000 in campaign contributions from the horse racing industry. This week it was revealed on the same show that Goodlatte returned those contributions to the horse racing industry.

Hooray for him, says J. Todd. But wait, there's more.

After further research the Perspectives Weekly host discovered that Bob Goodlatte returned funds sent to his personal account from the horse racing industry, but then Goodlatte created a Political Action Committee (PAC) under his name and named it the 'Good Fund'. The 'Good Fund', it was reported, received more than $15,000 in contributions from the Horse Racing industry that was not returned.

"Representative Goodlatte comes off as holier than holy, righteous as they come, but really, he's just a little sneakier than his supporters understand, but the truth about his motivations are coming out and they are making him, and his UIGEA law, look really really bad," said Casino Gambling Web gaming analyst, Gordon Price.

Currently, the US is facing compensation claims of more than $100 million from more than ten different nations around the world because the UIGEA was deemed an illegal law by the World Trade Organization.

More than three separate bills are currently gaining steam in the United States congress that all aim to figure out how to reverse the damage that was done by this law.

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