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International Gambling Ring Busted With Ties To Mob, Internet

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Internet gambling is tough for the government to piece together for arrests. Usually, the gambling spans not only several states, but several countries.

That was the case in the latest gambling bust by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. They have concluded a three year investigation that has led to the arrest of thirty six people.

It was not just the people that were rounded up in this bust. "We seized 8.5 million dollars. We hope to seize 50 million more in assets. The way you hit these people isn't just put them in jail. It's also to take their money, take their houses, take their cars, take everything away from them," said Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Four different Internet gambling sites were found to be used in the investigation. Some of the people that were arrested also allegedly had ties to the mob.

While gambling was the main crime committed, it was not the only one. "There's a lot of extortion involved, with loan sharks. If you don't pay, they make threats, people lose their homes, some even have broken families because of this operation," said Arpaio.

The investigation focused on people in Arizona, but others arrested were from California, Nevada, and Central America.

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