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Internet Gambling World in Chaos After Port Security Bill Passes

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The Port Security Bill, which will increase security along all United States ports, overwhelmingly passed both the House and Senate in the midnite hours of Friday night early Saturday morning.

Attached to the quality security bill is a a completely unrelated measure that directly affects internet gambling.

So what exactly does this bill do to the state of internet gambling?

The quick and honest answer is... we have no idea.

Differing analysis can be found on whatever site you get your news from.

As far as the Casino Gambling Web is concerned, this is how the newly passed bill is to be interpreted...

In its most literal form the bill makes it illegal for banks to allow online payments to be made to online gambling operations. What is interesting about the bill is that it does not include language that upgrades the 1961 Wire Act to include online gambling, which the House passed bill did include when it passed in July of this year.

This means that the state of online gambling is exactly the way it was before for players - still in a grey area. It is no more illegal now than it was before the bill passed.

What will happen now all depends on what the banks do as a result of the bill passing. Will they stop payments to Neteller, a known third party gambling banking company?

The banks already stop payments to online gambling operations directly.

Will the banks comply with the new laws?

Will the banks even be able to comply with the new laws?

Don't the banks already stop payment to gambling operations?

We will keep you up to date with what is happening, but for now, everything you read is just speculation and nothing should be read as fact.

Until more is known, keep expressing your freedoms in the United States.

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