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Internet Gambling : 'Public Outcry Campaign' Talking Points

The Casino Gambling Web Public Outcry Campaign is underway! Casino Gambling Web's 'Public Outcry Campaign' is underway and all those interested in expressing their displeasure with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act can start calling their representatives today. Those interested can also help by signing the online petition Casino Gambling Web has started, which will be hand delivered to every congressmen and senator in Washington in September of 2007.

Casino Gambling Web has created a page that lists every congressman's contact information by state. Visit this page, or go to for a full listing of each representative's phone numbers and email addresses, along with each of their office mailing addresses in Washington, D.C.

Each call should not take longer than 2 minutes and calling everyday is suggested. The more calls that are made, the louder the 'public outcry' will sound. There is more than 1 representative in each state and it is suggested that callers call ALL of their state representatives at least once.

Each call should go something like this...

"Hello, my name is _______ ________, I live in (the state where you live) and I would like to tell (the representative you are calling)about my displeasure with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which is a bill that was passed last year as an attachment to the Safe Port Act. I would like (the representative you are calling)to know that I support Barney Frank and his future bill that is meant to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act."

Continue your call by stating at least one of the following talking points. Each talking point expresses a legitimate reason why the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act should be repealed. Each caller can call everyday in order to express a different talking point, and each caller can call more than 1 representative. Again, the more calls, even if repeated, the louder the 'outcry' will sound.

Five Talking Points...

1. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was attached to a bill that was considered a must pass for the United States congress. The bill was about United States Port Security and it was passed almost unanimously as it should have been. However, attached to it was a bill that had to do with Internet gambling and there was no opportunity for senators or congressmen to amend the bill due to the late timing of its attachment. Congressmen did not even know the bill was attached until 15 minutes before it was presented on the floor, and most did not even have enough time to read through the entire thing before they were ordered to vote.

Express to your representative that you believe there should have been debate allowed on the issue before a law was passed.

2. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is a direct violation of a World Trade Organization ruling. The UIGEA was argued by the US to the WTO as a moral issue, however, the WTO ruled that if it was a moral issue then horse racing, state run lotteries, and dog tracks should not have been excluded from the new law. The WTO made it clear to the US that this was a violation and if they did not change the UIGEA to comply they will put sanctions on them.

Express to your representative how we MUST comply with WTO rulings, if we want China to comply with our issues we have with them.

3. Slot parlors and casinos are going up all over the country, yet Internet gambling is considered immoral. The state of Pennsylvania has just approved slot parlors, West Virginia has just approved table games, California has allowed Indian run casinos to thrive, Florida has just expanded its gambling policy, Kansas has just approved new slot style casinos, Louisiana has a huge casinos, Mississippi has casinos, of course there is Atlantic City in New Jersey that allows gambling and casinos to thrive, and we all know about Las Vegas, Nevada. And everyday more and more state's debate the future of bringing gambling to their state. Almost all states run lotteries and actually promote them heavily.

Express to your representative that you would like to see some consistency in government policy on the gambling issue. If gambling is accepted across the country, then it should be accepted online.

4. Criminalizing Internet gambling opens the door to corrupt online casinos who are not regulated, who will find ways to manipulate the system, who will cheat the players, who will not provide adequate information for players about problem gambling. Before the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed the industry was self-regulated and well-run, legit casinos were the ones that were promoted. A corrupt gambling operation would be blacklisted and would quickly go out of business. Now, the corrupt casinos are thriving and the publicly traded companies have left the market.

Express to your representative that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act opens the door to corrupt online casinos who will find ways around the new law, and the problem gamblers will receive no means of support.

5. What an adult wants to do in their own home with their own money should be left to the adult. A government that takes away the freedom of the people no longer is a home to free people. Taking away individual's freedom is not a philosophy that the United States was built on. Internet gambling is regulated by the United States government when it comes to the stock exchange, why can it not be regulated in the same way when it comes to online casinos?

Express to your representative that you should be able to spend your hard earned money in the comfort of your own home, for your own entertainment, however you choose.

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