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Judge Rules Gambling Is Not an Inherently Dangerous Activity

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In a landmark court case that could forever hurt gambling opposition groups, a judge ruled in favor of six Atlantic City casinos. His ruling came in part because he said gambling is not an inherently dangerous activity.

Former Queens lawyer Arelia Margarita Taveras was suing six Atlantic City casinos for $20 million. She accused the casinos of racketeering, claiming they knew she had a gambling problem and continued to allow her to gamble.

Taveras claimed to have lost almost $1 million in the two years she was frequenting the casino. While she tried to place the blame on the casinos, the judge did not agree they were at fault.

The judge ruled against Taveras. U.S. District Court Judge Renee Bumb ruled that Taveras did not sufficiently prove that the casinos conspired to act against her. That would have had to be proven to uphold the racketeering charges against the casinos.

The other part of the ruling is the one that could forever change the gambling argument around the United States. The judge ruled that gambling is not a inherently dangerous activity.

That ruling is in direct contrast with most gambling opposition groups. They repeatedly make gambling out to be a naturally addictive vice that could ruin lives. The judge, made it clear that gambling can only become a problem, it is not a problem that already exists.

Taveras will appeal the dismissal of her lawsuit.

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