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Kentucky Lawyers Call Online Gambling Domain Names "Devices"

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The state of Kentucky has reached deep into their bag of tricks and the rabbit that they have pulled out of the hat would not even get applause at a fifth grade talent show.

The state is trying to seize the domain names of 141 online gambling sites. Lawyers for the state, on Friday, laid out their case in a legal brief, and the law they are citing is one that refers to illegal gambling devices.

A device, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is a piece of equipment or a mechanism designed to serve a special purpose or perform a special function. It does not seem as though a domain name is either "a piece of equipment" or a "mechanism".

That brings out the point that the defense team has outlined on Friday. Louisville Attorney R. Kenyon Meyer, claims that domain names are not devices, and that their seizure by the state would be unconstitutional.

The governor of the state of Kentucky is actually in favor of expanding the gambling options in the state. The only problem is that he is a politician first, and he wants to ensure that any money being made from gambling in the state is going to benefit the state.

Many online gambling companies have already stopped their offerings to residents of Kentucky. It is unfortunate that the state has handcuffed their own residents in this way. They have decided that they should tell residents how and where they spend their gambling entertainment money.

The judge in the case has given a week extension to allow both sides to either settle the case, or to prepare their legal cases.

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