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Kentucky Online Gambling Domain Case Pushes on After Judge's Ruling

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Online gambling operators will have to wait longer to find out if they will be allowed to retain their domain names. Judge Thomas Wingate ruled against various requests that the case be dismissed.

The high profile case will now move to November 17th, when arguments will be heard by judge Wingate. He did warn, however, that if the online sites do not block access to their sites in Kentucky, that they could risk losing their domain names.

The lawsuit has been brought on by Governor Steve Beshear. He is in favor of expanding gambling in the state of Kentucky, but only in cases where the state profits by the move. Currently, the state receives nothing from the online sites.

Lawyers for the gambling websites have acknowledged that the way to solve this case may be through negotiations, and not through the law system. After the judge's ruling on Thursday, there will be a month window for those negotiations to take place.

Kentucky already has several forms of legalized gambling. Horse racing, the state lottery, and bingo are all currently legal. It is not yet known what the online gaming sites would have to give the state to keep their domain names.

Lawyers for the online sites have argued that the lawsuit should be dismissed. They sited the constitution, but Judge Wingate revealed in his decision Thursday that those arguments were not strong enough to warrant a dismissal.

"This decision must not be allowed to stand, because of the threat it poses to the Internet as a whole. Judge Wingate has ignored the clear laws of his own state in coming to a decision that essentially green-lights any jurisdiction,in the US and abroad, to ignore our rights and abuse their power to do away with competition or speech or content with which they oppose, regardless of the law. This is a dark day for Internet freedom," said Chairman of iMEGA, Joe Brennan Jr..

Brennan Jr. hit on an important fact about the Internet. Already, the United States has violated international laws by stopping companies in Antigua from conducting their business on the Internet. The WTO is investigating the practices of the United States, and sanctions are most likely in the U.S.'s future from the WTO.

The gambling industry will not be the only one affected by Thursday's ruling. Other industries which states want to interfere with on the Internet will also now be at risk.

What seemed like a ruling to delay a domain case, has now ended up as something much larger, something that could put many Internet businesses at risk. iMEGA, knowing the risks that have been presented today, has already began the process of challenging the ruling not only in the state, but also at the Federal level.

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