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Laws May Be Eased For Indiana Riverboat Casinos

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Back when casino gambling was not as accepted nationally as it is today, lawmakers were creative in their gambling expansion. The legislators in many Midwestern states authorized gambling if it was done on a riverboat casino.

That led to many riverboat casinos throughout the Midwest, particularly in Indiana. Currently, ten of the thirteen casinos in the state reside on a riverboat, and those casinos may soon get relief in the form of a new law. A state Senate committee is working on a law that would eliminate a captain and crew for the riverboats.

The riverboats being used for the casinos rarely, if ever, go out of the docks, yet the casinos have been required to keep captain and crew on board the vessels. The casinos also have to get regular marine inspections, despite the ships never leaving.

The new law would do away with the captain and crew necessity, and the marine inspections. If approved, the new law could save the casinos upwards of $1 million annually. That is money that could then be pumped back into promoting the casinos at a time when competition is becoming fierce.

Indianan casinos bring the state over $1 billion, and it has come to the attention of lawmakers that the casinos need to get some respect. Neighboring states are expanding their gaming industries, and it is making it harder for Indiana casinos to keep up. The new laws would provide the type of relief that the casinos have been seeking for years when it comes to some outdated laws.

Some casinos, such as the Horseshoe Southern Indiana, would not be affected immediately from the law change. The Horseshoe is one of the riverboats that actually moves and therefore a crew is needed. For many others, however, if the law is changed, the motors would likely be removed from the boats.

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