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Liquor Licenses At Risk After Gambling Machine Bust in PA Bars

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Bar owners are pretty aware of what they can and can't get away with in regards to their establishments and their liquor licenses. One thing that puts them at risk is illegal gambling.

The profit that comes with these illegal gaming machines usually outweighs the risk for many bar owners. The machines can bring in thousands of dollars, money that is hard to pass up when all the owner has to do is install the machines.

There always is the risk of the law, however. Two bar owners in Pennsylvania found that out the hard way this week. State police confiscated four illegal gambling machines and thousands of dollars from two locations in Bucks County.

Loyal Order of Moose Bucks Lodge No. 1169 in Bristol and Debbie's Place in Warminster were the spots where the machines were taken from. The fallout from having the machines could be extreme.

While they most likely will not face jail time, they could lose their liquor licenses. Bars that lose their liquor licenses have a hard time staying open, so that will be a main concern for the bar owners as the case against them moves forward.

It just so happened that these two locations drew the attention of the authorities, but it could have been a number of places that were busted. "These kind of machines are really pretty common," said Sergeant Rodger E. Smith from the state police's Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement.

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