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Live Greyhound Gambling Officially Ends In Massachusetts

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The state of Massachusetts officially eliminates greyhound racing legally in another week, but for all intensive purposes the sport went away for good on Friday. Dog owners are now moving their dogs to other states to race.

Activists for greyhounds were overjoyed that they finally stopped the races in Massachusetts. The groups claimed victory, although not everyone felt as if it was a big win for the animal rights groups.

"There may be some celebrating going on," said Gaming Analyst Brad Dawkins, "But that does not mean that the dogs will be treated any differently then they already were being treated. These owners are simply relocating, not stopping the races."

Although that may be true, the greyhound advocates had been working to rid Massachusetts of a sport in which they felt that the animals were not treated fairly. The owners of the dogs will counter with the idea that these dogs are taken care of without any type of harm being administered.

Some people even believe that the end of greyhound racing in Massachusetts will be a bad thing for these dogs. These people point to the strict regulations that Massachusetts had for their greyhound racing industry, compared to far lighter restrictions in other states.

Greyhound racing was a part of the culture of Massachusetts for seventy years. On January 1st, a statewide ban will go into effect. The ban was put in place in November of 2008, but will not be enforced until 2010.

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