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Lottery Official Leaks Info , Gets Eight Years of Home Detention

Lottery officials work for the state. When you work for the state, you are supposed to be held to a higher standard. That is something that William Foreman did not understand.

The former Hoosier Lottery security official had his day in court and the outcome will land the sixty two year old man on home detention for the next eight years.

Foreman was involved in an apparent lottery scam. He told two men from Shelbyville where they could find a winning $1 million scratch off lottery ticket. It was back in 2004, and he told the men the winning ticket could be found in a grocery store in Ripley County. The game was the "$2 Million Bonus Spectacular."

Prosecutors described how the man leaked the information to the two men. Whether Foreman received any money from telling of the tickets whereabouts was not of concern. The fact that he leaked the information was what he was arrested for.

He was charged and plead guilty to one felony count of disclosing confidential lottery information. He had no explanation for the judge as to why he leaked the information. He did, however, take responsibility for committing the crime.

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