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Massachusetts Residents Excited About Propsects Of Casino Resorts

It has been a long time for Bob Burke. The Massachusetts resident has been listening to different lawmakers talk about bringing casinos to the state for over three decades. The failed attempts had grown so many, that Burke had given up last year on the prospects of gambling at a local casino.

"When they (lawmakers) couldn't get together on the bill last year, I thought that would be it," said Burke. "They were so close, and yet they still couldn't get it done. At that point, I gave up on ever seeing a casino in Massachusetts before I died."

One year later, the sixty-seven year old Burke has renewed hope, only this time he believes the casino resort bill that has been created is a slam dunk. With Governor Deval Patrick, House Speaker Robert DeLeo, and Senate President Therese Murray all signing off on the bill, optimism has been renewed.

"If it is true that all three of them are behind the bill, then it just may be that it happens this time. If it does, I will be on line to be one of the first people into the first casino that opens in this state," said a jubilant Burke.

Massachusetts has never had casino gambling outlets of their own, and recent history shows that states that bring in casinos for the first time, make millions of dollars immediately, with residents itching to spend money in the establishments. Analysts believe the same will happen in Massachusetts, if, or when, the casinos ever become a reality.

"I've lived here for twenty-two years," said Nancy House. "My friends and I have traveled to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and even Connecticut to play slots, and I can;t wait until I can stay home and play. I would much rather give my money to a casino where I know even if I lose, a portion of the money is going to my home state."

The bill that has surfaced in Massachusetts is expected to move quickly through the Legislature. With the three top ranking officials in the state backing the bill, there should be little problem getting the legislation through. If the bill passes by the end of the year, it will likely be early 2013 when Massachusetts residents will finally have a casino to call their own.

"It is going to be a glorious day," said House. "I don't even know if I will be able to handle the anticipation over the next year. Let's just hope they get it done quickly."

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