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Massachusetts Residents Hoping For Gambling While Blaming Patrick

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Politicians have developed a reputation over decades of giving campaign promises and then not following through. In Massachusetts, Governor Duval Patrick is seeing the ramifications of making such promises and not delivering.

Patrick ran his campaign several years ago on the idea that casino resorts would be coming to Massachusetts on his watch. Residents bought into the hype and elected Patrick. Now, two failed attempts later, and the approval rating of Patrick is starting to sag in a state where residents are becoming inpatient.

"I voted for the governor because of his stance on gambling expansion,' said Mark Ballian. "I thought by now we would have had a casino in the works, and the fact that there is none, makes me believe that he (Patrick) should be held responsible."

Many other residents had supported Patrick through his first failed attempt, but have soured to the governor because they feel that this past session, Patrick was more of a road block than a facilitator. The contention grew when Patrick vetoed a possible gambling bill.

The House and the Senate had spent weeks negotiating a gambling bill that required both chambers to compromise. When they finally sent the bill to Patrick, the governor vetoed the legislation, claiming he would not sign a bill that included slots for state racetracks. Patrick has since taken heat for that decision.

A State House News Service poll indicates that more than half of Massachusetts voters still want the casino resorts to become a reality. Patrick is considered to be the person responsible for the deal not getting done, with most citing him as the problem and not House Speaker Robert DeLeo.

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