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McCain Dropping In Polls Since Word Of Gambling Ties Surfaced

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John McCain appeared to be running a flawless campaign. He had taken away all of the glamour of Barack Obama by choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate and pulled even with Obama in the projection polls.

That was before McCain's ties to groups with gambling interests surfaced. Since that time last week, McCain has fell far behind Obama in the polls and his campaign is now running on fumes.

The timing of the gambling reports also corresponded with McCain suspending his campaign to go back to Washington and help with the economic crisis. That was looked upon as a campaign ploy, and may cause McCain's doom in this election.

The gambling ties clearly do not help his cause. Although most people in America are coming around to the idea that casino gambling is the future of the country, most of those involved with that thinking are Democrats.

That leaves Republicans that were already lukewarm towards McCain as a candidate. The conservatives had a hard time accepting McCain's ties to gambling groups. Now, McCain will be fighting for his political life in Tuesday's debate.

Barring a major mistake by the Obama campaign, it appears he is moving towards running away with the presidential race. Whether the McCain's gambling ties played into that or not is unknown, but don't bet against it.

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