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McDermott Introduces Online Gambling Bill To Aid Foster Care

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Representative Jim McDermott has updated legislation he proposed early in 2009 that would tax the online gambling industry in the US. The revenue from these taxes would then go towards foster care in the country.

Under the new proposal, state and tribal governments would receive six percent of the online gambling taxes that were derived from residents within their states. The need for health care funding also triggered a change in the legislation.

Social services have been severely cut in many states because of the lack of funding in budgets across the US. The new bill would allow states to benefit from the Internet gambling that is currently taking place, but is not taxed.

"The major reason is to make it possible for states to have access to online gambling revenue," said McDermott. The Internet gambling battle is one that began in Congress back in 2006.

Near the end of 2006, a largely Republican Congress approved the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The law places the burden to stop online gambling in the US on financial institutions. These institutions must deny payment to and from online gambling operators.

The rules to the UIGEA were set to go in effect back in December, but Rep. Barney Frank and others who oppose the law successfully lobbied to have the rules delayed for six months.

Rep. Frank has introduced legislation that would overturn the UIGEA and lay the groundwork for a regulated online gambling industry in the US. Frank has over sixty-five co-sponsors for his legislation, but it has yet to be discussed formally by lawmakers.

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