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McGregor's Gambling Innocence Assertion Confirmed By Alabama Jury

VictoryLand owner Milton McGregor has maintained his innocence for over a year in Alabama. The gaming hall owner has said time and again that he did not offer any bribes to senators in exchange for positive votes in the gambling corruption case.

On Wednesday, a jury confirmed McGregor's assertion by acquitting the VictoryLand owner, along with five other defendants in the case. The outcome is surely to gain scrutiny from Alabama residents that have seen millions of taxpayer dollars go into the prosecution.

"They did a poor job I think with this case," said Graham Bart. "They couldn't gain a conviction the first time around, and without additional witnesses, they shouldn't have even retired the case. It seems like they had a personal vendetta against McGregor."

Not all people feel the way that Bart does. In some cases, residents of Alabama feel that McGregor simply had a powerful law team that was able to cast doubt in the jury's minds, but they in no way feel he is not guilty.

"He may have beaten the system, but that doesn't mean he is innocent," said Samantha Ray. "It is common knowledge that McGregor wanted additional gaming in Alabama, so it is not out of the realm of possibility that he took part in this bribery scheme."

Country Crossings developer Ronnie Gilley has been found to be the mastermind behind the bribery scheme. Gilley has pleaded guilty last year to the bribery charges, and had become the star witness in the McGregor case. The defense, however, was able to attack Gilley's reputation and motives in testifying against McGregor, and in the end, the jury simply did not have enough proof that McGregor, or any of the other five defendants, were involved.

"When we got to the end, there wasn't one question in my mind, not one single question. They simply didn't have the evidence," said McGregor Attorney Joe Espy."

The verdict brings an end to one of the most controversial and followed issues in Alabama over the past year. The gambling bill in question had originally passed the Senate, but was defeated soundly in the House. Shortly after, then-Governor Robert Riley asserted that the bill was the "most corrupt" piece of legislation he had ever seen.

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