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Misleading Ads Fool Voters Into Defeating Casino Gambling In Ohio

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Casino gambling will not be coming to the state of Ohio after all. Despite all of the hard work from MyOhioNow, the ballot question was defeated on Tuesday, and one expert believes she knows why.

"Voters in Ohio were fooled by misleading ads into believing the negative effects that the casino in Clinton County could bring. Opponents of the casino achieved their goal and executed their plan perfectly," said Joan Richardson, a gaming analyst who has been covering Issue 6 in Ohio.

This is not a surprise from a historical perspective. Voters have four times been asked to approve casino gambling in the state in the past two decades. Four times the voters voted against casino expansion.

This time, however, it is a little more shocking than the others because of the current state of the economy in the U.S.. Ohio stood to gain valuable jobs and revenue from the Clinton casino, but the anti-gambling groups were too strong in their efforts.

"MyOhioNow did a good job of getting their message out, but it was the anti-gambling groups that succeeded in fearing Ohioans into voting against Issue 6," said Richardson.

Bob Tenenbaum, a spokesman for a group that opposed Issue 6, summed up how they convinced people to vote in fear when he said of voters, "....but also some who just saw this as having too many loopholes."

The loopholes argument is one that was hammered into the head of voters. Several loopholes involving the amount of money that would have been giving to the state surfaced through ads. The fact that the casino company that was to build the casino pledged to close those loopholes was lost on the voting public.

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